The presentations from the 2016 CAMPUT Annual Conference, May 15 – 18, will be available on this site until June 30, 2016.  After that time, speakers, moderators and registered attendees may request individual presentations by contacting us at


Session 2:  The Policies and Politics Around Climate Change
Pierre-Olivier Pineau
Dale Beugin
Tyson Dyck
Andrew Leach

Session 6: Rate of Return:  Where the Regulatory Rubber Meets the Road
James Coyne
Nicole Martin

Session 7:  Customer Driven Change
Vittoria Bellissimo
Martine Hébert

Session 8:  Ensuring the Resiliency of the Grid
Gerry Cauley
Byron Williams

Session 9:  Winds of Change, or Storm Clouds?
Linda Coady
Sharhzad Rahbar
Jennifer Winter

Session 10:  Demand Management – A Blessing or a Curse?
Chris Neme
Daniel Richard
Nancy Rubin