EVENT RECORDING: Webinar 16 Sep 2020

CAMPUT is pleased to announce two upcoming public webinars.
CAMPUT cancelled its May 2020 Annual Conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we have converted two of the leading panels into online events. These webinars are free, but advance registration is required for each. Space is limited, so please register soon.

“Shape of You”: The Electricity Load Curve

The electricity load curve was stable for decades and solutions were found to address the issues that came with it. Now with variable generation such as tidal, wind and solar, and with the rise of distributed generation, electric vehicles and storage systems, the electricity load curve is reshaping itself. What are those forces, how do they influence the grid and how should regulators respond? What additional factors should be considered in the age of COVID-19?

16 September 2020, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm eastern time


Kevin Dawson, Director – Forecasting and Analytics, Alberta Electricity System Operator (AESO)
Benoît Delourme, Chief – Technological innovation and network evolution, Hydro-Québec
Robert Hornung, President & CEO, Canada Renewable Energy Association
Adam Warren, Director – Integrated Applications Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Cynthia Chaplin (Moderator), Executive Director, CAMPUT

EVENT RECORDING: Webinar 16 Sep 2020