CAMPUT is pleased to announce the appointment of Cynthia Chaplin as its new Executive Director, effective November 5, 2018. Cynthia brings 30 years of experience in the energy sector in Canada and the UK, including 10 years at the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) as Board Member, Vice Chair and Chair & CEO (Interim). While at the OEB, she also served on CAMPUT’s Executive Committee and as CAMPUT’s Chair. Cynthia’s appointment will position CAMPUT to further advance its important work to improve public utility regulation in Canada and to improve the education and training of commissioners and staff of public utility tribunals.

CAMPUT is grateful to Terry Rochefort, who is retiring after 15 years of service as CAMPUT’s Executive Director. His leadership and guidance have ensured that CAMPUT is a vibrant and effective organization.

Terry will retain his position as Executive Director through October, and he and Cynthia will be working together in October during the transition. Cynthia can reached at