Tides and Currents: Forces Shaping Energy and Utility Regulation in Canada
Twice each day, gravitational forces cause 160 billion tonnes of seawater to flow in and out of the Bay of Fundy, shaping the world-famous Hopewell Rocks. The environmental, geopolitical, economic and technology forces shaping utility regulation in Canada are equally powerful – but not nearly as predictable. The 2020 CAMPUT Conference will focus on how customers, industry and regulators influence and respond to these environmental, geopolitical, economic and technology forces in the electricity and natural gas sectors. Join us in Saint John for the pre-eminent energy regulatory conference in Canada. We bring together the perspectives of regulators, customers, regulated entities, and other stakeholders to a single forum focused on addressing the most current topics in the national (and international) regulatory community.

Conference website: CAMPUT 2020